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Cooler heads in an increasingly heated debate

The mission of the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions Action or “C3 Action” is to advance economic and political freedom at home and abroad. Doing so will help equip policymakers and body politics in America and around the world to address the risks of climate change. While we are an American organization, we believe that classical liberalism and the American constitutional order isn’t rooted in a nationalistic framework. Rather, we believe the American idea is rooted in natural law and, therefore, is an open-source code other nations and communities should access and apply to their own contexts.

C3 Action is led by Executive Director John Hart, who is the co-founder of the Conservative Coalition for Climate Solutions and the Executive Editor of the newsmagazine C3. Hart has more than 25 years of experience in conservative politics as an operative and writer. He served as the long-time Communications Director and co-author for the late U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. Hart also owns and operates the historic 62-acre Civil War era Fairlight Farm in Maryland’s Pleasant Valley.